zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Paté - Monteolivo´s Christmas dinner

Before you start preparing this tasty paté, make sure you´re home alone. When ready, it looks and smells delicious, but during the process it may appear a bit messy and you don´t want to run the risk that nobody will eat it.

300 gr. of pork slices
300 gr. of pork belly
300 gr. of pork liver
2 spoons of dried, mixed herbs (I use thyme, sage and oregano)
2 small eggs
3 spoons of grappa or brandy
3 spoons of flour
salt and pepper
8 slices of fat bacon

Heat the oven to 110° C .
Soak the herbs in the grappa.
Beat the eggs.
Chop the pork slices and the belly slices into very small pieces or use a foodprocessor.
Grind the liver with the salt.
Mix the meat and the liver very well.
Add the eggs, the herbs and the grappa and add some salt and pepper. Mix very well.
Add the flour and mix very well. Use your hands to mix everything, or, if you don´t like that, use the plastic blade in the foodprocessor.

Cover the bottom and sides of a paté mold with the bacon, leave 1/3 hanging from the mold. If you don´t owe a real paté mold, use a cakepan.
Put the mixture in the mold and press well. Cover with the bacon.
Bake the paté in the middle of the oven for three hours.
Then turn the mold on a plate. Be careful, because there will be very hot liquids running from it.
Let it cool down.

Serve slices of paté with cranberry or blackberry jelly.

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